Connected films: We are an independent film maker providing acting opportunities to aspiring actors & actresses from all walks of life. The donations will assist the volunteers of  Connected Films in finalizing the completion of the  movie( President Donald J Trump for 2020 ). We are seeking in making a sequel,trilogy,T.V episodes. This is an action pack drama base on true events. The world as  a society will be able to relate to the contents  of this movie for we are all affected by these horrendous act in one shape form or another. The untold secrets will be reveal on August/02/2020

Protect your family friends,and love ones. Either your self or some one you know has been victimize in the hands of violent perpetual criminals.The threat is real America is being invaded by a Tsunami of career low life thugs with no regard to human life. The only President that is willing to protect you ,and your family. who stands for the second Amendment... The Right To Bare Arms is no other than.

                   President Donald J Trump 2020


 The United States Of America is under attack by violent career criminals who pray on innocent civilians. Across America our family  friends,and love ones are being brutally victimize in the hands of  these thugs. There is only one leader that is determined to stop these vicious animals on their tracks.

                  President Donald J Trump 2020

President Donald J Trump will no longer stand for the pain,and suffering that these criminals have cause our Americans people.

 He has implemented a secret society of  vigilantes consisting of  "Dark Angels" who serves as his eyes,and ears to eliminate criminals ones,and for all. He will protect all human kind from all walks of life to protect the innocent... protect the weak. Support our chief leader in command for 2020, uniting together all as one for Donald J Trump stands for one purpose and one purpose only.